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Kayak Accessories

Feelfree Paddle Leash

Paddle Leash

Attach your paddle to your kayak using a paddle leash to keep your paddle safe.

Velcro attachment system to secure leash around the paddle shaft.


RRP £12.95

Feelfree Swivel rod holder

Flush Round Rod Holder

Large flush mounted fishing rod holder that will fit almost any kayak. This rod holder comes complete with rubber gasket and a rod leash


RRP £9.95

Feelfree Swivel rod holder

Swivel Rod Holder

Adjustable rod holder that can be positioned to the perfect angle. The holder collapses back to make it easier to remove your rod whilst sat down in your kayak.


RRP £19.95

Flush mounted rod holders

Flush Mounted Fishing Rod Holders

Designed to fit into the recessed rod holder areas on many of the Feelfree Kayaks. Includes a bungee rod leash to secure your fishing rod to the kayak.
2 rod holders per pack.


RRP £19.95

Feelfree Skeg

Tracking Skeg

The Feelfree Kayaks Skeg improves the straight line tracking performance of your Feelfree Sit On Top. Please note: This skeg only fits the Nomad Sport & Gemini Sport


RRP £24.95

Padded Feelfree Thigh Straps for extra control in the surf

Paddle Thigh Straps

Thigh Straps are padded straps that attach to the front and rear fixing points on either side of the kayak. Position the straps inside the paddlers knees to provide support and additional control when paddling your Feelfree sit on top in the surf.


RRP £39.95

Feelfree Scupper Stoppers

Scupper Bungs (Pack of 2)

Scupper bungs to plug the scupper holes on Feelfree Kayaks, use on flat water for a drier ride. Water can be drained without removing the entire bung.


RRP £12.95

Feelfree Unit Track Mounting Plate

Uni Track Mounting Plate

Attaches onto the uni-track system on the Moken's and Lure's. Compatible with the Scotty and RAM products.


RRP £34.95

Smart Track Rudder System for the Moken and Lure Kayaks

Smart Track Rudder Kit

SmartTrack rudder system to fit the Moken 12.5, Moken 14 and Lure Series.


RRP £149.95

Beavertail Rudder System for the Feelfree Kayaks

Beavertail Rudder Kit

Beavertail rudder system to fit the Moken 12.5, Moken 14 and Lure Series.


RRP £149.95

Feelfree drain bung

Drain Bung

Replacement drain bung


RRP £6.95