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Waterproof Bags

We're often asked where we get the inspiration and vision for the design and function of our waterproof gear. Well, it's from listening to you, our customers .


You tell us you want to protect your possessions, including electronics, from the elements. Gear that's functional, convenient and helps you to organise your life. Gear that's fun, fashionable, value for money, and that's made with the environment in mind.


Our materials and parts are carefully sourced so they stand up to whatever our planets weather systems throw at your lifestyle. Unlike other manufacturer's laminated fabric, Feelfree's tarp is formed by impregnating our chosen face fabric with our specially formulated PVC waterproof coating.


This unique process gives Feelfree's material a softer feel, more strength and a better resistance to both abrasion and delimitation.


Removing toxins before the impregnation process and a longer lifecycle then laminated or PVC free fabrics ultimately helps the planet.


The end result Feelfree's unique and innovative waterproof gear looks great and will meet the demands of your lifestyle whether its travel, adventure, outdoor or water based.